Data acquisition, Loggers and Weather Stations

Modular Data loggers

  • Loggers from 1 to > 12 channels (up to 256)
  • Configurable input: TCs, Pt100, analog or digital.
  • Resolution from 8 to 24 bit.
  • Adjustable speed and time intervals for data acquisition, controlled by PC software under DOS or WINDOWS.
  • PC software for acquiring, plotting and transfering data.
  • Portable, battery powered, stand-alone logger, IP65.
  • Applications: cool chamber or furnace monitoring, counter or event recording, infiltration or drainage systems monitoring, and of both industrial and domestic weather and data aquisition stations

Meteorological, physical and chemical sensors and probes

Meteorological parameters:

Special light sensors for general or specific application

Development of meteorological research station

... for Seveso industry, environmental survey of pollutant, research, greenhouses, industrial or domestic weather station.