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Patrick Panneels
Michaël Denecker
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Ecotechnic History
Created in june 1995, Ecotechnic sprl/bvba has continued the sales of environmental and plant physiology equipment of the finishing Flow-Therm sprl company.  
Mrs A. Deltour (Manager) and Mr. P. Panneels, associated in the new-born company, developped first the Gas Sampling and Analysis aspect together with the important Plant Physiology range of products.
At this time, the headquarter of Ecotechnic was located in Auderghem, but in 2002, Ecotechnic moved to Rue Rodenbach in Forest (1190 Brussels).
An important, and still growing actually activity was initiated a bit later:
the "Waste Water Flow Measurement and Sampling . 
This activity was developped in collaboration with Mr Th. Dabée (P.P.A. Plongeurs Professionnels Associés).
In january 2003, Patrick Panneels became manager of Ecotechnic, and the headquarter moved to Uccle (1180 Brussels).
During all these years, the company was more and more specialized in the 3 main ranges: Gas sampling and Analysis, Waste water aspects and Plant Physiology, but also build some complete systems - specially made for customer and brought adapted service and maintenance.
Actually, Ecotechnic works with 3 persons, and has moved in April 2015 in Forest (1190 Brussels) - Rue Vanden Corput, in a much bigger office, and workshop,...
In June 2015 ECOTECHNIC just reaches the 20 years of existence !